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Oxford professionals have assisted many clients to achieve improved operations, liquidity and transactions. Our engagement teams are based on relevant experience with a defined, relevant scope.  Common scopes include strategy development, financial assessment, operational issues, and potential restructuring.

Our typical initial phase is an assessment that identifies the challenges that clients encounter throughout their operations, allowing Oxford and the client to collaborate and develop new strategies that ensure a successful outcome. We review all aspects of business operations from purchasing to distribution, cash management, and sales, and identify real opportunities for improvement with a plan to implement.


Below is a sample of professional services Oxford provides at high level. Each service involves in-depth detail and analysis. Please feel free to contact us to get started and learn more.

Rapid Assessment

The luxury of time is rarely on the side of our clients.  Our comprehensive business and operational assessment identifies the various challenges that clients encounter throughout their operations, allowing Oxford and the client to collaborate and develop new strategies that ensure success. We assess all aspects of business operations from procurement to distribution, cash management, and sales, and identify tangible opportunities for improvement.

The Rapid Assessment culminates with a detailed presentation of the existing landscape and its operational, financial, and managerial challenges, highlighting opportunities for growth and change benefits gained from implementing our recommendations.


  • Strategic overview and situation assessment
  • Operational and profitability improvement analysis
  • Financial and accounting controls including budget and forecast assessment
  • Roadmap to success
Management Advisory

Drawing upon more than 20 years of experience in the turnaround space, we help companies in transition identify practical strategies that improve profitability and liquidity, while developing and executing a comprehensive turnaround plan that is capable of delivering long-term, sustainable value.  Working in conjunction with management, we move quickly to conduct the critical operational and financial assessment that forms the basis of a comprehensive turnaround plan.

Oxford also works to build confidence and trust among client shareholders by promoting transparency, credibility, and open communication. We have a strong track record of developing credible financial and operational plans and achieving the initial goals and expectations of our engagements. Our leadership during the difficult turnaround process evokes stakeholder confidence that the stated goals can be accomplished and long-term value can be maintained and enhanced.


  • Strategic planning
  • Operational and profitability improvement planning
  • Financial and accounting controls including budget and forecast assessment
  • Post-merger integration planning and management
Fiduciary Services

Chapter 11 bankruptcy can yield a material recovery to creditors with fresh, capable management leading the financially-distressed business. The Oxford team diligently serves as trustee, plan administrator or liquidating trustee in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.  Our seasoned team of turnaround consultants, fiduciaries and support staff adeptly transforms the troubled business’s operations to maximize proceeds from an asset liquidation or going-concern sale.

If there is a trustee in place, Oxford’s team has the experience and qualifications to assist either a Chapter 7 Trustee or a Post Confirmation Trustee to perform all tasks required by the bankruptcy court. This process of comprehensive estate management includes the disposal of assets and disbursements to creditors.  In addition, our team has the ability to do claims management and analysis, including priority and administrative as well as general unsecured claims. We will assist the trustee with preference investigation, analysis and determine if any fraudulent conveyances exist.


  • Management and supervision of asset sale and disposal process
  • Preference investigation and analysis
  • Insider transaction and fraudulent conveyance investigation analysis
  • Comprehensive claim(s) analysis and management, including evaluation of priority wage and tax claims
  Restructuring Advisory

While bankruptcy and other undesirable alternatives are never management’s first choice, they are sometimes necessary for companies that are undergoing difficult challenges or in the midst of a significant transition.  Oxford is a trusted, proven source for corporate restructuring services. The depth and breadth of our expertise has preserved or increased stakeholder value for a wide variety of clients. Our mix of knowledge and experience enables us to deliver rapid, effective and value-maximizing solutions to the complex challenges facing distressed companies. If it becomes necessary to focus on a restructuring, we will guide our client through a refinancing, sale, orderly liquidation or bankruptcy process.

There are often significant costs associated with the bankruptcy process that can be prohibitive to many middle market companies working through transitional challenges. Oxford has long viewed bankruptcy as a last resort, and we have been successful in implementing a variety of more cost-effective alternatives. These alternatives to bankruptcy may vary from state to state and should be carefully considered in the context of each unique situation, but generally include Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors (“ABC”), out of court settlements, receivership, or Article IX sales.


  • Restructuring advisory services
  • Liquidity crisis management, liquidity generation and finance transformation
  • Organizational review and liability assessments
  • Financial advisor to official unsecured creditor committees

Drawing on over 20 years of deep expertise across a number of industry sectors, we help businesses find the best possible solution for difficult situations. Let’s discuss your options and how we can help provide expert solutions.